3d pan white

Kristina again

Makeup: Anna Yakimchuk

Strobist info : All settings manual, Su-800 commander,

1) Sb-800 1/4 power In front of subject in 22" Beauty dish with grid

2) Sb-800 (1/8 power go-boed to lower the power since I only have 3 channels in CLS system) give little bit kick on silver reflector in front of subject (Reflector was so below in order to frame this so reflection from beauty dish was not enough)

1) Sb-600 (1/8 power) camera left in stripbox with grid (same distance to camera as the model)

2) Sb-600 (1/8 power) camera right in stripbox with grid (same distance as model)

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Taken on July 29, 2012