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Weather Haiku: Drought

The weather haiku for August 13, 2012: Drought


Dry land tinder rage

Dreams sore in summer broil: pain

Desiccated hope.


Drought is land - forced to offer up changes. Once fertile areas become - if not desert - then near-desert. Rivers change an so do the life within and the life they feed along its shores. The land support changes. Wildlife either perish or move on to new areas that will support them. Adaptation, is a slow process, so in the interim many are lost. The land future changes. In the face of an extended and severe drought much of the land becomes useless for what it once was known. It's future and the future of any life depending on it, also changes. When the land changes, the weather itself changes in response. And thus a vicious cycle of pain-filled alteration begins. The last work in this is not pretty.


So, did we (humanity) have a hand in this? Can mankind be blamed for what the earth and its inhabitants are being exposed to today? Can man actually have an overall changing effect upon the surface of the earth? If so, does this 'effect-range' proctor an affect vast enough to actually change the weather? Have we erred on the side of pride.


This is the question. Many argue their position-answer. But, as always, nature will have the last, and final, answer. That one you can take to the grave: the other sure thing in life.



"To err is most certainly human. But to do so willingly, that my friend... is a colossal stupidity."


Sam Stovepipe, Sage of Gar Island, Journal #6; Slogging Through It, 1946

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