Rabbit tattoo 1

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    Folks who know me have already seen this (and the step-by-step account of its creation!) in Erika's gallery, but here it is anyway. It's a couple days old now, so my skin is a little less angry. Some of the lines will be touched up in a week or so.

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    1. Al Bar [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      The white ink looks realy good on you. Awesome design.

    2. sbmd [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      I may have commented on this on your friend's album but I love your tat. I really like it. Please share the story behind it at TattooConfidential.com

      Here's the site so you can check it out and submit your story: Tattoo Stories.

    3. ellectricity 96 months ago | reply

      ack. i love it. LOVE.

    4. Harley bunny 96 months ago | reply

      That is gorgeous! :)

    5. Mark Philpott 96 months ago | reply

      Wow - now that's not something you see every day !

      Very nice :)

    6. HighPockets59 96 months ago | reply

      I personally do not have any tatoos. Not that I'm against them, it's just that I would never be able to make a decision on the "what or where", then after finally making a decision, the next day I would change my mind, "I should have got the other one I liked" I don't dare try and make that kind of permanent commitment! Some are beautiful, some are crap, but,YOUR'S IS BEAUTIFUL! I know I'm biased, being a rabbit person, but your's is very unique & stylish, not the same old bunny stereotype! Kudos to your decision making talent!

    7. HighPockets59 96 months ago | reply

      PS: How long did that take to do and are you planning to add any more details?

      I've seen a lot of tatoos, they were awesome, but not my style. YOUR'S IS "ME"! (still have commitment issues though, don't worry about another copy floating around.)

    8. Leslie Levings 96 months ago | reply

      Thanks for all the compliments!

      Highpockets--It took less than two hours to do. I'm going to get some of the lines thickened a little, but I won't be changing it or adding anything. Someday in the future I'm going to design a matching cat for the other shoulder, though!

    9. FindingHemo 96 months ago | reply

      Love the tattoo!! I got my first (and only) tattoo about a year ago and couldn't be happier with it. I also have a bunny tattoo, but it is interesting to see how very different ours are. It's nice to see that I'm not the only person who appreciates a bunny that is not from playboy.

    10. amplecat2006 96 months ago | reply

      I was searching for 'rabbit tattoo' because I'm, uh, planning on getting a rabbit tattoo and I saw yours. It made me curse out loud because it is SOOOO exactly what I was looking for, and now I can't have it because you have it! Doh! Can you tell me how you arrived at the design? It's soo lovely. Abbi

    11. sxaxmx 95 months ago | reply

      Very Cool! And a good luck item, Asian claim to see a rabbit in the moon, and see them as a symbol of generosity and self sacrafice.

    12. lemonkey 92 months ago | reply

      Awesome version of the rabbit prize from the Masquerade puzzle.

    13. Leslie Levings 92 months ago | reply

      Thanks! I'm always delighted when people recognize it.

    14. pretty_little_misanthrope 84 months ago | reply

      this is a really beautiful tattoo, I'm quite awed.

    15. Johnny eX 76 months ago | reply

      wow.. ouch? ^^

    16. sergeant_cutter 65 months ago | reply

      that is BEAUTIFUL!!

      very nice work!

    17. k8walton83 64 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Earthy Tattoos, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
      I LOVE this... I have a tatt in a similar colour, overlapping design etc... yours is so beautiful

    18. gavin_ian_campbell 57 months ago | reply

      this is great, I love red ink

    19. CღCute- Camille! [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      O so cute =) Wonderful tattoo

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