Freshen up!*/...OranginArt!

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    v. *Freshen up
    1. become or make oneself fresh again
    2. make brighter and prettier.

    Sunny Summertime.......Freshen up!, Provence, France.

    "Memory demands an image." -Bertrand Russell

    Orangina is a carbonated soft drink made from oranges and lemons. The brand's popularity extends from its unique flavour to the iconic design of its 33cl size bottle made in the shape of a pear with a pebbly texture meant to recall the peel of an orange or other citrus fruit. It is a very popular beverage in Europe

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    1. Pomasa24 [deleted] ages ago | reply


    2. Dr Tao ages ago | reply

      WOW! Sunny and absolutely perfect for summer-time.............. Absolutely refreshing......................

    3. McF_photo [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Product photography? A new one for you, as ever, well done. I'm sure Orangina would love the look of this one.
      It goes nicely with the sausage image too.
      The other thing that I like is that if you look at a lot of food photography, it is all lit in the same way, very evenly and always looks un-appealing. This make me want to go and make my lunch, except there are more of your photos to look through!

    4. dsevilla ages ago | reply

      Mmmmm... Orangina! I miss it from my travels to France. They don't sell it in Spain. Pity...

    5. A Michael C ages ago | reply

      A really fun shot. The colors are amazing and DoF perfect.

    6. **Anna ages ago | reply

      Quenchingly delicious image! Thirsty now... :))

    7. Sabinche ages ago | reply

      great idea and realization and so friendly in colors.

    8. Rune T ages ago | reply

      What a spectacular shot - made me thirsty in an instant! I really like how the colors work together!

    9. claudiaveja ages ago | reply

      really excellent

    10. Bachir ages ago | reply

      My drink of choice, always has and will ever be! Great pic!

    11. MsPixie ages ago | reply

      Love the clarity, color, and composition.

    12. RebeccaHerem ages ago | reply

      Mmm...there is something about this that I can't get away from. Not that I'd want to anyway...

    13. abhayah~ [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I'm reasonably certain that every praise has already been bestowed on your work, every superlative exhausted. So, let me offer, instead, a quotation from an unlikely fellow:

      "Always two there are, no more, no less: a master and an apprentice."
      -- Yoda

      You, of course, being the master.

    14. ArtByChrysti ages ago | reply

      You are my winner!
      Please add this photo to

    15. Louise Lefort 117 months ago | reply

      Photographie éclatante, je viens tout juste de la découvirir, Du soleil gratuit en février ça réchauffe l'âme et commence bien la journée.


    16. ozbevnet [deleted] 112 months ago | reply



    17. René Lego Photography 111 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Tabletop Beauty, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    18. ThomasAn 97 months ago | reply

      This yellow scheme is so so sharp, vivid, and refreshing. I simply love it !

    19. Stavros A. 80 months ago | reply

      perfect and shiny

      stayrarg. Get yours at

    20. Axxolotl 77 months ago | reply

      I like Orangina! ;-) Reminds me of summer holidays in France!
      The composition of your picture is excellent and I like the warm colors!

      I added your picture to my new gallery

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