Südbahnhof (At)
Picture this: Vienna's biggest railway station, abandoned, with only three people inside. Two explorers, one security guy.

Exploring the Südbahnhof was the main feature of my recent Vienna trip. The earliest antecedents of the modern Südbahnhof originate from 1841. It was rebuilt many a times to accommodate the continuous expansion and importance of both passengers and cargo transportation. It was also a legendary place as the St. Petersburg - Cannes Express made a stop right there.

The current building is a post WW2 construction combining two former railroad stations into one single structure, with the architecture outlines from the hand of Heinrich Hrdlicka.

The Südbahnhof closed in 2009. Reason: it's a terminus. Recent urban developments of Vienna plan the creation of one continuous line, making a connection to all the other stations. The current building will be demolished and a brand new station will be build. Ideal stuff for an explore, I'd say.

I contacted some of the guys from Vienna. It wasn't explored before and was labelled "undoable". All Schnitzels aside, let's go for a ride! With a big detour and a hike along the tracks we managed to get onto the platforms of the station. Fence counter: 3. From the platforms into the sub-terrain levels, into the grand hall itself. Fence counter: 5.

Now comes the tricky part. The grand hall had a main info kiosk. The home of Mister Security, having a coffee and reading some mags. His presence was the icing on the cake of the oh-so-eerie atmosphere. Complete silence inside an enormous hall. Closed shops. Closed bars. Shriveled plants collecting dust. Something tells you this place should be crowded with thousands of people, travelling and moving, but there's just no one. Elevators are stuck. The Coca-Cola vending machine is sold out. The next train will be delayed. Forever. Only one sound lingered throughout the big halls: the click of my camera's mirror.

Photographically speaking this wasn't the greatest venue, but the explore was A+.

Best wishes for 2010, my friends.
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