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Michael Bloomberg speaking at the Bronx campaign office opening.

I've been waiting to get a shot at Mike for a long time, and this was so close to my house it was crazy. I took a beautiful walk in the Bronx, hung out, had some empanadas, wore a Bloomberg sticker, and then I listened to him.


I think he is a very smart and down-to-earth person (I mean reality-based), and I think it is wrong to think that just because he has alot of money means he is not smart — the anti-money bias can really work against us I think. He's so important to the city. I think he loves this city and wouldn't go to Washington because he wants to stay here. I would, this is freaking New York City! He actually does things I believe to go into the future in the right way. It's not going to make some people happy. I don't think he's perfect, but I think he has a great mind.


Plus, I think term limits are wrong anyway, they totally take the responsibility out of the voter's hands. In some really arbitrary way.

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Uploaded on March 28, 2009