Michigan Central Station
See the most magnificent building in Detroit. Abandoned for the last 20 years, both natural and unnatural predators have taken their toll on this incredible structure. Yet, even in its current sorry shape, it is not difficult at all to see the hidden beauty of what once was. There is something hauntingly beautiful among the wreckage that demands your attention and overwhelms your curiosity. You can't help but be overcome with sadness when you think about the history and grandeur that possesses this building, and yet now it sits neglected.

Finished in 1913 at a cost of $15 million (in 1913 money no less), Michigan Central Station has the distinction of being designed by the same architects that were responsible for New York's Grand Central Station. Today, to restore this jewel to its former beauty, it is estimated that the costs would run from $100-$300 million. Yet because of the sturdy construction, normal demolition methods wouldn't work either. It would have to be taken down brick by brick. Those costs would be enormous as well. The expression "they don't build 'em like this anymore" was never more true than in the context of Michigan Central Station.

So, here it sits decaying, stuck in limbo while the economy and city around it crumbles as well.

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