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These shots were taken over the past 20 or so years. Bought my first film SLR, a Nikomat, in the 70s. Spent a few hundred hours in the darkroom in those years. Took classes and learned all about the Ansel Adams' Zone System and all the fundamentals of exposure and depth of field. Love the digital era - wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have used a variety of point-shoot cameras such as a Panasonic DMC-T5Z. I am currently blown away with the Samsung Note 5 smartphone and its Surround Shot and Panorama features. Its also convinced me to use HDR, which up until now I thought yielded unreal looking results. My main 'good' camera is a Nikon D7100.

Currently working on LED continuous lighting techniques. Bought a Savage Cyc light box and some Araman LEDs. Experimenting with them.
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