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These shots were taken over the past 20 or so years. I bought my first film SLR, a Nikomat, in the early 70s. Spent a few hundred hours in the darkroom in those years mostly in San Francisco. Took classes and studied Ansel Adams' Zone System and all the fundamentals of exposure and depth of field.

I have used a variety of SLRs and point-shoot cameras and even Smart Phones. My better camera these days is a Nikon D7100. Have about 4 lenses for them. Would like to go with a more compact mirrorless camera some day - like the Nikon N6 or N7 or the Sony A7 series.

Have worked a fair amount with studio strobe lighting kits (2 and 3 point lighting) for studio portraits. Also shoot with handheld LED continuous lighting. I also work with a Savage Cyc light box and some Araman LEDs for small subjects.

Recently relocated from Southern CA to Northern AZ and have joined the Prescott Photography Meet Up Group where in a recent field trip shot horse Barrel Racing - has it all for photogs - action, color and dirt flying everywhere. Next we shot spinning, burning steel wool and a night shoot of a meteor shower!

I subscribe to the concept that if you ask a great photographer what kind of camera he has, it's akin to asking a great chef what kind of stove he has, The art and science of great photography is in having a good eye, followed by knowledge of hardware and lighting!
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