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Timelapse #1 - Clouds on Mules Park (25.01.2008)

Just uploading a few of my timelapse videos to check out this new Flickr Video stuff. Unfortunately some of my better ones are over 90 seconds long. They run at 15fps, and I've tried to use TMPGEnc to re-encode them at 24fps to shorten them but it's not happening at all - I thought it'd be simple so if anyone knows a way to re-encode XviD at a faster speed, please let me know! (Of course, i've deleted the source images :-s)


This one was my first ever. Some clouds moving on top of Mules Park, Teignmouth. It was windy and my PClix lead fell out of the camera! Scratch ending!


WOW! In about a day this video has had over 1000 views, more than probably all of my photos put together! I don't understand why though - please check out this one: Timelapse #2 - Teignmouth Harbour Sunset... I think it's far superior! Thanks again guys

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Uploaded on April 9, 2008