White Widow Trichomes - in full bloom - view LARGE!!

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    Grow your own Pain Killers - and be a proud Gardener! - White Widow , 3rd generation clone in full bloom perhaps 1 week from harvest. viewed large the smallest trichomes can be seen growing from the leaves like little sticky mushrooms!!.

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    1. Michael Mahoney 77 months ago | reply

      yummy... check mine out.

    2. somecicatrix 72 months ago | reply

      This does my heart good.

    3. craycrayy3 70 months ago | reply

      great smoke! good meds! yield?

    4. limaha 68 months ago | reply

      Trich City! Nice skills.... Made any White Widow bubble hash from her? It's worth the effort trust me :)

    5. &dress 67 months ago | reply

      sssssssssssssss niceeeeeeeee... rico!

    6. Lenny Montana 65 months ago | reply

      @ chibreuil - yes, i Grew her. i used this plant as the mother for many more... over the few years i grew at that time i think there were some of here offspring around for many generations, most of 3 years before i re-purchased new feminised seed.

      taking clones from only the plants that were growing Trichomes on the leaves and even shade leaf parts, i ended up with these very very sticky (and smell & nicely potent!) plants .

      this plant was second generation from the first set of 9 plants.

      @ all other comments... Thanks! & I am positive that the best pain relief comes from heavily Trichomed indicas such as this... i am an Amputee with rotten nerve pain... this is the only pain killer that works.

      :) fight medical marijuana prohibition. :)


    7. ny candid shots [deleted] 62 months ago | reply


    8. hotte.bebel 56 months ago | reply

      ,needs a haircut

    9. hotte.bebel 56 months ago | reply

      ,yes it realy lasted 2 dayes and I like to have it once more

    10. Professional Recreationalist 56 months ago | reply

      ...2 days?

      Cool - I'm also looking for some ocean-front property in Arizona.

    11. Francisco X. Nieto [ipX] 55 months ago | reply

      yo quiero tener una mota asi en casa !!!!!!

      Found in a search. (?)

    12. hotte.bebel 55 months ago | reply

      ,mortadella #fis about fifs gram homgrown. Tatela hok.

    13. hotte.bebel 55 months ago | reply

      Nobel - Peace - Award for long hair - lady - button

    14. Lenny Montana 54 months ago | reply

      @Ipaxxx Si Todo en mia casa, ..solo e dos 600w lámpara con mucho aqua!, 13 semanas, ..4 semana 24 horas e dias,, después e 12/12 horas per dias por flores. .. mi Espanol es malo. Comprendé? :)

      es Mui beuno, e Gordo!

      2 lámpara es bien para 8 plantas.

      Lm ;)

    15. tolitsV 36 months ago | reply

      wish i could sample that wonderful plant...!! where r u . . . ??? == c." )

    16. .:DEMONS GOT AHOLD OF MY SOUL:. [deleted] 30 months ago | reply


    17. michael.johnson2161 2 months ago | reply

      Dam that looks nice, don't think I ever seen that before. Bet it tastes good ..

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