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Cincinnati Zoo ... John | by Connie Lemperle
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Cincinnati Zoo ... John

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Cincinnati Zoo


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Cincinnati Zoo




African Lion ... male named John


Panthera leo


Unlike other cats, lions live in social groups called prides that consist of a handful of females and their young and a coalition of two to three males. Males protect the pride and their territory by roaring and scent-marking as they patrol the area.


As the dominant predator on the African savannah, lions can take the largest prey of any other carnivore in the region. Working cooperatively as a team, the lions stalk and surround their prey, getting as close as they can before launching an attack. They are successful in only one of every four hunts.


Fact File


Where to see them: Africa Exhibit


Height: Male - Up to 4 ft, Female - Up to 3.6 ft


Weight: Male - 330 to 530 lbs, Female - 270 to 400 lbs


Lifespan: Up to 18 yrs in the wild


Habitat: Savannah, arid woodland, and scrubland


Diet: Primarily hoofed mammals such as gazelles and zebras; some small mammals, birds, and reptiles






Another photo of the new African Lion named John . He is almost 3 yrs old.


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Taken on June 30, 2013