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A Portrait of Chewy........ | by Connie Lemperle
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A Portrait of Chewy........

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Cincinnati Zoo


Western Lowland Gorilla +++ Female name Chewy


The gorilla is the largest living primate. A gorilla must spend most of its day eating plants to maintain its large size. Despite its massive size and ferocious reputation, the gorilla is actually a peaceful and social animal. Gorillas and humans are close relatives, and share many things in common. They are very intelligent, have emotions and personalities, and live in family groups.


•A troop of up to 20 gorillas is led and defended by a dominant male called a silverback.

•A male gorilla has the strength of up to eight men.

•Chest-beating is one way a gorilla shows that it’s excited.

•Gorillas and humans have the same number of hairs on their bodies.


*The Zoo is teaming up with other zoos around the world to celebrate gorillas during 2009, which has been declared the Year of the Gorilla.


Fact File

Height: 5 to 6 ft

Weight: Male - Up to 400 lbs,

Female - Up to 200 lbs

Lifespan: Up to 35 yrs in the wild

Habitat: Tropical forest

Diet: Fruits, leaves, and small invertebrates


Status: Species at Risk (IUCN—Endangered)




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Taken on April 6, 2008