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Look who's Watching You....!!!!

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Eurasian Lynx


The largest of the four lynx species, the Eurasian lynx has one of the widest distributions of any wild cat, ranging across Europe and Asia. While other lynx hunt mostly rabbits and hares, the Eurasian lynx is large enough to take down prey that is up to four times its size and specializes in deer. They are stalk-and-ambush predators with long, powerful legs that allow them to leap nearly 10 feet at a time.


The lynx is able to spot a hare from 2 ½ football fields’ length away and hear it from 200 feet away.

The lynx buries or hides any leftovers and will come back for it later.

Webbing between their toes and hairy footpads help keep them from sinking into the snow.

Fact File

Length: Up to 3.3 ft

Weight: Up to 84 lbs

Lifespan: Up to 24 yrs in captivity

Habitat: Forest and scrubland

Diet: Deer, hare, small mammals and birds


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I will be posting and running this morning sorry to say. I still have to shower and do a few things around my house yet. I'm moving very slow this Monday. Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me and being such great friends. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Hugs!


This is one of the Lynx cubs. They have grown so much. They are almost as big as mom.

Both photos are uncropped and taken through a fence.

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Taken on August 23, 2009