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miss your lips, two women make a dream complete | by brains the head
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miss your lips, two women make a dream complete

im sick and tired of screaming when nobody can hear me

please, for just a moment. peel your fears off of your skin

remove the bricks, block by block, from the walls built around your heart

and for me, completely selfishly,

remind me that i'm cared for

that i have reasons to be healthy and happy

your voice would soothe the thrashing

turn down the noise that has been keeping me awake all night

your voice will be my lullaby

sweet dreams will follow

the power you hold over me


you dangle bundles of grapes over my mouth

pluck one from its vine and press it between my lips

and i want you to feed me

your fingers in my mouth

crush the grape and suck

the fruit off your nails


yes, don't you see?

if your hair stands on end

if your heart starts to speed

if you visualize your fingers and my tongue

if your muscles tighten

or if your blood runs hot

if you shiver down your spine

if you bite your lip and contemplate..


then we're on the same page

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Taken on June 7, 2009