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The Childrens' Crusade | by MiracIe_Boy
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The Childrens' Crusade

Young conscripts were ideal for tank crewing, as pubescents' junior volumes were wholly appropriate for the cramped, unaccommodating interiors of armored fighting machines. Thus, a solution was provided to the over-crowding of orphanages in the Kings' bomb-ravaged cities; dutiful young men and women "graduated" from the orphanage halls and were drafted into the ranks of the mechanized corps.


One such figure was Dominik Krotshad, who by the age of fourteen had become an accomplished tank ace during the Spice Wars. He was killed in action nineteen months later during the campaigns of the rogue Herzogstädte, one week before his birthday. He would have been sixteen years old.



Mk. III tank featuers: 1 three inch canon, non-tracking + 2 MG side-blisters.


The shape and color of this model was inspired by the Green Earth faction's vehicles in Nintendo's Advance Wars series. Real-life influences are the German A7V and the wrap-around tracks of British Mark tanks, both vehicle types of the Great War.


I love the compactness Nick Dean's shuft, and I wanted a Twee punk equivalent. Also this and this.

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Taken on February 27, 2013