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Project Scarborough +applique

Well folks, Standard Fare went mainstream on Brothers Brick. The thing is, receiving attention from fan boys, bloggers, cute girlies, etc. really rattles us underneath our reclusive skin. We'll take the props but pass on the paparazzi. To bolster our protection against attention and affliction, and to hole up our introverted personalities so that self doubt may permeate our conscious all the more unhindered, we've outfitted Project Scarborough: Standard Fare with a reactive armor suite. Internal fragilities lie sound beneath 4 inch plating.


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I logged on this morning to find that Tromas had put some of my work up on TBB. I was most flattered by his short write-up describing his "odd fascination" with my activity. It helped to dampen the sour realization that I would have to leave the house in a short while. Tromas' MaschinenKrieger contest of twelve months ago really got me building again, after a couple years notreallydoinganything. Cheers, bro.

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Taken on September 18, 2012