Microtel - submissions
Lektrolab were invited by ambientTV.net to contribute to the ambientTV.net lounge in the Satellite of Love exhibition at the Witte de Witt TENT in Rotterdam. The Satellite of Love exhibition was part of the 35th International Film festival Rotterdam.

We developed Microtel - a teletext TV station that was broadcast by NOS, the Dutch national TV station between 26 January - 05 February 2006. The content of the station came from an open call for works and by email and from workshops held in the gallery space. Microtel received over 400 pages from around the world.

The dedicated Microtel website: projects.lektrolab.com/microtel

28 January - Microtel and making teletext
29 January - Nintendo Cartridge Hacking
02 February - Microtel and making teletext
04 February - Nintendo Cartridge Hacking

Abstract Brothers - Hacked Nintendo cartridge by Lektrolab

01 February - Emma Davidson presents TV DINNER
Emma presented a selection of favourite movie and TV clips in a series curated by Mieke van der Linden. Other guests in this series were Sophie Fiennes, Phil Collins & Pieter Kramer.
01 February - The Late Night Talk Show
Emma Davidson appeared with Armin Droge on The Late Night Talk Show to talk about teletext and television.

Hit and Run: Microtel - Emma Davidson talks about Microtel here
Hit and Run: Nintendo Hacking - Paul B Davis demonstrates Nintendo hacking here

Photographs by Tina Hage
Teletext images are a selection from Microtel
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