Blizzard of '78

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    30 years ago: another blizzard shot. Deserted streets. It was absolutely silent when the snow was pounding down at night.

    Although I am by no means complaining (on the frostbite level, anyway), the global-warmingly mild winter we are having in the Northeast makes this photo feel like an even more distant memory.

    1. lady_xoc ages ago | reply

      Do you know what street that is? I can't make it out.
      I like how the traffic light is slapped up on the telephone pole. I was 8 years old. A week off from school? Them's was good times!

    2. .Leili ages ago | reply

      Hey Theresa, this is Boston Avenue. Did you grow up in the area? Your photostream is great -- VERY nostalgic for me!

    3. lady_xoc ages ago | reply

      depends of your definition of "in the area"...I grew up in shrewsbury, next to worcester. Made some fun family & school field trips into boston though. I live in medford now, on forest st. That street got some history, for sure!

    4. lady_xoc ages ago | reply

      here's the proof!

    5. .Leili ages ago | reply

      Aaaaaah! Awesome picture!! Thanks, Theresa. You've inspired me to go looking for my own snowsuit modeling shot from 78. If I find it I'll share. I look like a dork in it, can't wait.

      Oh, and scratch that remark about it being warm in Boston. It is not warm.

    6. emilyd10 ages ago | reply

      I was a freshman at Tufts and first time away from California. When the storm hit and I saw all the cars and garages disappearing under the drifts, I just figured that another eastern winter had arrived. My roomate (from Buffalo) had to explain the facts to me...

      I remember the sun you show in the photo -- after the storm, I didn't want to stay on campus and get creamed by snowballs, so I walked along the streets of Medford with all the people from town. In the silence after the snow, the people were all quiet too, and just walked along.

    7. flarthurhu 105 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Great Storm/Blizzard of Whenever, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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