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    Saturday Evening Post, 1964
    Most of the advertising utilizes photography. Small space ads are rarely seen.

    1. plaisanter~ 42 months ago | reply

      I’m not sure what the reduction in small space ads points toward.
      Magazine advertising executives no longer went after small accounts? Prices for space too high? Heck, I can guess forever, but I’ll wait for your answer.

    2. leifpeng 42 months ago | reply

      My supposition is that a lot of small space ads created substantial job opportunities for 'journeyman' illustrators. They wouldn't be making the kind of income high-profile illustrators doing national ad campaigns did, but they'd be employed in illustration jobs. Many magazines besides the Post sold small space ads, so in total it represents a tremendous amount of work for illustrators. With the demise of the small space ad format, so too the demise of a lot of illustration income.

    3. plaisanter~ 42 months ago | reply

      What do you think caused the demise of small space ads?

    4. leifpeng 42 months ago | reply

      Its a bit of a mystery to me, but a couple of guesses: it could be a change in strategy by the magazines -- they definitely were aiming for a more sophisticated audience by updating their design. They may have felt those little ads were too 'retail' - too tacky - for their new look. Or the companies who traditionally utilized those small spaces may have redirected their ad budgets to local television advertising -- probably quite cheap and very much the media bandwagon all advertisers were jumping on at the time.

      Its weirdly parallel to what happened to newspaper classifieds after the arrival of craigslist. Craigslist really hollowed out what had traditionally been a massive revenue generator for local newspapers.

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