MAN TGX "Van der Vlist"
After building a few scale 1:17 remote controlled Scania T143 I wanted to design an entire new model myself. After seeing the large 10-axle Broshuis semi low loader I took the challenge to build a functional trailer with all axles steered. A suitable unit to pull the trailer would be a MAN TGX41.540 8x4/4 unit. Van der Vlist is a well known Dutch heavy hauler and operate a couple of these units.

Of course Jaaptechnic released his Mercedes-Benz Actros with Nooteboom combo a couple of years ago. Based on this scale I first started to build the trailer. Other than his I wanted to have double wheel montage like the original. Another nice feature is are the steering ratios of the axles; the back section of the trailer consist of 7 axles and every single axle has a different steering ratio. Looking at the Broshuis blueprint it just swings out as the real thing. The 3 axle of the front section are steered as well. I needed four servo motors to get this done. When the truck takes a turn the trailer axles will steer automatically by a battery box which it put upside down in the neck of the trailer.
The trailer can be extended if needed but in this case I put a heavy transformer on it which is secured with chains.

Secondly I started to build the MAN in the striking Van der Vlist livery. There are more of these MANs around in LEGO but I build my own copy from scratch, also to give it my personal signature. The drive train is based on Jaap's Actros but has a brick build chassis. The cab can be tilted and the truck has an accurate 6 cylinder engine. The cab also has a full interior. It makes it quite heavy but I never build one without this level of detail. The tower behind the cab houses a diesel tank and some storage boxes. The battery box to get the truck moving is put on top of it. Of course it has a S-Brick inside.

To give it a realistic appearance the truck has metal chrome wheels on both the unit and trailer. Some little details are in metal chrome as well. Jaaptechnic supplied the excellent high quality stickers and reflection lines.

Building the combo took me about six months but I didn't work on it constantly. Compared to the scale 1:13 heavy haulage combos I built in the past I must say I'm very pleased with the result of this one. It'll also be the reason I'll build future heavy haulage combos in this scale as they look pretty good and they're functional as well.
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