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Ozelot AGF

The lightweight Ozelot (Ocelot) 4x4 forms the backbone of the Heer’s combat vehicle fleet. Although armored relatively poorly, the vehicle’s small size and speed makes it a very valuable system, fully capable of fulfilling its’ designated role as a “reconnaissance and combat vehicle” (Aufklärungs und Gefechtsfahrzeug, abbreviated to AGF). Developed by Rheinmetall as a multi-purpose platform, the Ozelot is capable of serving in almost any role for a vehicle its’ size, from those mentioned above, patrol duty, or support operations such as low level logistics. Capable of being armed with anything from a smaller 7.62mm machine gun to a grenade launcher, or even an anti-armour missile launcher, the Ozelot is capable of packing quite a bit of a punch for a vehicle of its size, making it more than capable of serving in any region of the Empire. It is seen here armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, kitted out for heavier combat operations.




Rebuild of the previous version, adding suspension and steering, along with a completely new front. Got a new paint job as well. Props to Andrew Somers for inspiration regarding the entire front of the truck.

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Taken on June 26, 2012