Survival on Dantooine

In a distant wheat field on Dantooine, troopers of the 713th Spade Legion along with those of the 77th Flame Legion survive the crash of their transport gunship after being shot from the sky. Holding out in the wreckage, Commander Stitch and the troops hold off incoming Separatist forces and dark Jedi Merell Mons, as they desperately try to call in a rescue mission.


Built for the 54th Eclipse Corps inner corps build-off at the CABG. April 2010

  • Cuahchic 5y

    I'm not normally that fond of Star Wars MOCs, but this is so well done I can't resist! Great job!
  • Word_Freak 5y

    ^ Agreed, usually Star Wars MOCs are a turn off for me, but this? This is just too awesome to dislike.
  • Danger with a Mitten 5y

    ...Damn. I never expected that those tan technic pieces would be wheat.
  • Darth Yoda 5y

    I want a lego playdate right now!
  • legorevolution 5y

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

    @Faie, not knocking over the pins wasn't actually that difficult. It was actually the time spent de-levering levers, setting them into the grill plates, and placing the technic pins atop that was time consuming.
  • Soman- 5y

    Wow, that is good! One question; what is the tan technic bricks suppose to be?
  • James Pegrum 5y

    That is brilliant!
  • Michael 5y

    Nice work, Kevin.
  • Joris Blok 5y

    This is one of the best Star wars things I've ever seen. This should be blogged!
  • LegoLord. 5y

    Awesome. Makes me want to get out the clones again...
  • nxtiberius 5y

    It is truly awesome how you captured a sense of motion and mayhem in you creation. Well done!
  • Andrew Becraft 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Blogged by The Brothers Brick, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • ~Mǝchɐ Monkǝy~ 5y

    At the thumbnail, I was like "Shizz that's a lot of droids."
    Totally awesome!
  • Zarlighttusk 5y

    Saw this on TBB, awesome job! The Star Wars feel is great; you've made me feel bad for abandoning Star Wars MOCs.
  • GreenMoogle 5y

    wow! the pins are great as wheat!
  • legorevolution 5y

    Thanks a bunch fellas

    @Legolord- wait, you've still got all those guys? I thought you fed them to a household pet ages ago ;)
  • LegoLord. 5y

    ^ Yeah, my dog is only allowed to eat kibble.. I'm serious about the clones, I think a battle might be imminent.
  • alphacustoms 3y

    at first I thought the tall grass were droids
  • Pink Stormtrooper 2y

    Why did yo delete all of this stuff? It's awesome!
    Got here from Brothers-brick.
  • legorevolution 2y

    Pink Stormtrooper I didn't, it's just that I don't have PRO so anything over my 200 picture limit get's 'hidden'. However it can still be found from searches and permalinks. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford pro.
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