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Bricklink Fees


I'm posting this to get some feedback - I recently placed an order for 140 total parts (14 unique items) - total order was ~AU$20.


So when I received the invoice today, a couple of things raised my eyebrow.


Packaging and handling - fair enough, I understand that collating parts for an order can involve some time.


Shipping - I'm on the west coast of Australia, this order is from the east. For AU$7.70 I can have it sent Express, so $6.60 for regular seems a little steep.


PayPal fees - it is my understanding that it is against PayPal policy to on-bill their fees, and yet I've seen quite a few Bricklink sellers do this.


Bricklink - on the actual BL site, none of the above additional fees or shipping is listed, showing the total as US$20.74 (AUD$20.17).


Question - is this being done to lessen the amount of BL fees incurred?


If any BL sellers can answer this it would be most enlightening. Thanks.


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Uploaded on April 25, 2012