G.I Brick Catalog Shot, HAC.

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I would bet that nobody has ever seen a Home-Depot forklift represented in Lego.

This is also a teaser for my upcoming Zombie entry.

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  1. The Original Dalegofreak [deleted] 32 months ago | reply


  2. Brian's Bricks 32 months ago | reply

    Dude, when I was little, one of those things crushed my bah, I called it a "gaint baby bah wrecker" :)

  3. Yam' ♬ 32 months ago | reply

    Dear Evan

    Please stop making epic builds, or I'm afraid I'll have to block you kill you kiss you ban you from the PLBG scream keep on brickin' do absolutely nothing and just look at your builds.

  4. ForeverAloneHorse1 32 months ago | reply

    Nice forklift bro.

  5. [LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ 32 months ago | reply

    me jelly, U total Junkie!!

  6. Mandalore the not so great 32 months ago | reply

    Wait? Zombie apoca contest? Hadnt you entered already? Anyways, this looks fun!

  7. McCluckles 32 months ago | reply

    When all else fails... ride a forklift into certain doom.

  8. knobbyplastic [deleted] 32 months ago | reply


  9. Tómmy 32 months ago | reply

    Ooh, looking good Evan.

  10. Commander Wolffe 32 months ago | reply

    I see V1 in that HAC. Amirite? ;3

  11. Rebla 32 months ago | reply

    Looks sweet.

  12. The Acquaintance Crate 32 months ago | reply

    I swear that forklift was already done, I don't know by whom, but It was done, mark my words! It will be revealed! *Dramatic exit*

  13. Lego Junkie. 32 months ago | reply

    Maybe this?
    I typed in Forklift in Google just now and that came up.

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