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Brickarms Last Stand Contest: Natures Wrath.


Some believe in a god, some don't.

I believe in the earth.

Regardless of whether we're here, the earth will still be here rotating it's slow axis.


My name is Ajax Chantilly.

I was born in 1989, Twenty-Three years before the great heat waves.

We'd all heard of global warming of course, it was one of those "If I look the other way it'll never happen" type of things.

Well, it finally happened. When it did, the temperatures rose and never came down. The population was reduced to only the strongest and healthiest and millions were dead through either lack of water or starvation due to soaring food prices. It happened on July 23rd. The great quakes, when the earth beneath us shifted in inconceivable ways that day.

The fragile economy finally collapsed and governments around the world disbanded to form PMCs.

Primaton Corp. was a rising company at the time, manufacturing thirty percent of the world's arms and military equipment. When the great collapse happened, they cut supplies to factories and started a PMC that would rival that of pre-collapse America.


Journal entry, 209.

They've found me.

During my travels I happened across a PACOM encampment and "Borrowed" a few items, needless to say, they want to dispose of me.

I must get my charge to safety and make a stand.

I fear when I do it will be my Last Stand.




Well, here's a wrap up of the whole thing.

It got started around the beginning of the contest and I was steaming away on it, until one day, I was hit by a lack of initiative.

It sat for around ten days before I started on it again, then I joined the MOCathalon on MOCpages and had to stop again.

So I present you a labor of over a months time.

Build time: 20+ hours.

Parts search time: 30+ hours.

Editing: Sucky, this is why I build small vigs.

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Taken on March 22, 2011