• Love this! - :jovian:
  • Crap, I should have posted sooner. Now everyone will think I stole your idea. - Shadow Viking
  • what is going on here? - Sibley!
  • I'll upload how I did it. It's basically goggles with a rubber band through it.
  • the addition of the forward handgrip really improves the look of the lego tommy. - DRK-1
  • Didn't even notice this till the third time looking at him. Great touch! - wunztwice
  • Oh man, I need this torso. - Polkergeist
  • its longer than the real arm!!^ - Wafflebottom


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One of the largest Post-Apoc clans. It is rumored that they are what is left of the military group responsible for begining the nuclear war.

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  1. -Mainman- 82 months ago | reply

    I really gotta find my bag of rubber bands

  2. dover ☄ 82 months ago | reply

    you really need to get yourself one of these for this faction

  3. Legohaulic 82 months ago | reply

    Do'ver...you have no earthly idea how badly I want that head!

  4. gervas 80 months ago | reply

    Theese are the nazis!! :P

  5. dover ☄ 74 months ago | reply

    speaking of which, look at the jedi on the top right carefully.

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