M3 Grant

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The M3 Grant tank, the second of the two commissions for Creations for Charity.

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  1. peterlmorris 82 months ago | reply

    I really don't like the word cute, but I can't help it with this tank. I suppose it's just the way it was designed. I mean the Sherman is kind of the same way. Our early tanks just didn't look very menacing.

    But, this thing is fantastic. Whoever bought it certainly got their money's worth.

  2. Joris Blok 82 months ago | reply

    [Stijn Oom] lol
    Great job Tyler, does it fit a figure? :)

  3. Legohaulic 82 months ago | reply

    peterlmorris Thanks! I totally agree ;)

    Joris Blok No...the focus was on form rather than fitting a fig.

  4. Joris Blok 82 months ago | reply

    D'aww... you dissapoint me man, most of your creations are top notch, and this one actually looks like it could easily it a fig inside. :p
    Ah, I guess that the consumer could do that himself.
    Great job anyway. ;-)

  5. [DustyBricks] 82 months ago | reply

    Wow it looks so chibi! It looks great!

  6. ∆pøc 82 months ago | reply

    Awesome! This is actually fairly close to minifig scale (I think).

  7. perfect ray [deleted] 82 months ago | reply


    You show us again that you can excel at nearly any genre you put your mind to.

  8. MiracIe_Boy 82 months ago | reply

    Yeah, way to go!

    I love inter-war tank design, as P Morris said there's a diminutive appeal, especially on the Grant/Lees' and their awkward sponson-mounted armament. I applaud the detail on the suspension.

  9. Gregory St 82 months ago | reply

    everything u do is so brilliant and cool!

  10. =DoNe= 82 months ago | reply

    Not your best, but good!

  11. Jeffrey Mille 82 months ago | reply

    This is one of the best m3 grant I've ever seen!!

  12. Doodman 82 months ago | reply

    haha, so awesome!
    great job!

  13. RD Roy 82 months ago | reply

    Moar flats on studded areas? ;)

  14. Compound Eye 82 months ago | reply

    Scale is irrelevant. This lovely little tank screams 'Grant' from the thumb [as a Tamiya tank kit builder of old], and that's what counts - it ticks all the boxes for what makes a good M3. Personally, the brown thing on the side isn't my fave part - would've preferred the hull door instead BUT the important part is that someone shelled out cash for charidee to get this built, not what we think. Super build!

  15. Titolian 82 months ago | reply

    Stunning. I don't know why everyone is complaining, this looks beautiful no matter what scale it is.

  16. psiaki 82 months ago | reply

    does it fit a microfig? They're more accurately proporitioned so they're "better" anyways.

    I love the scale discussion. I actually have an idea. I'm going to try scaling things differently in height and width and see if they look better with minifigs. EVERYTHING will become short and fat.

  17. Legohaulic 82 months ago | reply

    Mike I think this idea you have is what "minifig scale" should be, aka. chibi.

    The scale question is always tricky since Lego isn't to scale. I always love Tim's analysis when talking about scale.

  18. Rube ,':^D 82 months ago | reply

    pure awesomeness-ness.

  19. understood level [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

    Tyler If you don't do more WW stuff, I'm seriously going to break into your house and do it for you... :3

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