• this is sparta. - z the lego man
  • Does this just sit on top, or is there a firm connection? - Ironsniper
  • I dont get it... - Aphylliate
  • This area is nice... though I almost want to see that 2x2 round boat plate in trans ice blue here. :) - eldeeem
  • It is connected with one of these which sticks up through the 1 plate section in the middle and connects to the inside of the slope.
  • This is so slick, it's amazing. If I could kiss it, I would. - Johŋ
  • Aaahh, I see. Thanks. - Ironsniper
  • very clever and a great result - nitrobenz
  • I think it's a reference to the way Greek (and thus, Roman) temples were constructed; the shape is somewhat reminiscent of a pediment, which was very common in Greek architect. - The Magic Tuba Pixie
  • pew? - Krika99
  • Did you get all those delicious turquoise 2X2 tiles from Bricklink? - Nannan Z.
  • But of course. I'm slowly trying to amass enough to use it as a main color on a decent sized MOC someday.
  • I'm also keeping an eye out on obscure colors. I'm trying to restore the balance of color in my collection that's currently offset by years of bley and black hoarding. - Nannan Z.
  • Great transition right here! - Cole Blaq
  • Fabulous! - Phall Macaroni
  • is this ship held form the ground by magic or photoshop? - space_e
  • Photoshop :)

VV Stubs

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I love my light blue canopies and turquoise parts :)

I was going for a slightly different look than the conventional VV look. I wanted something a bit more portly.

While it doesn't have very strong forward guns, it can shoot toast, waffles, and pop-tarts out the rear engines.

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  1. Bruno VW 52 months ago | reply

    Oh my god, the colors... I'm stunned!

  2. нawк 52 months ago | reply


  3. Aroŋ. 52 months ago | reply

    So do I. These colours are lovely.

  4. olivgrau 52 months ago | reply

    The angled front engines ... WOA! And the color scheme, GREAT!

  5. Pierre E Fieschi 52 months ago | reply

    Is this tan + turquoise?? A lovely color combo !

  6. Stefan Schindler 52 months ago | reply

    That's a brilliant design!
    Striking colours, too. I guess I have only about 5-10 bricks in turqouise.

  7. BuildMyPaperHeart 52 months ago | reply

    Everyone is going to take this wrong, but I love the air intakes in the front and the back engine. I absolutely love the space and geometry that goes into their design :D Great job!

  8. _.Astro._ 52 months ago | reply

    Ummm.. why would everyone take it wrong?

  9. the oneman 52 months ago | reply

    Retro-delicious !

  10. P E U F 52 months ago | reply

    It's pure beauty !

  11. Peteris Sprogis 52 months ago | reply

    simple and fancy !!

  12. ervenwill 51 months ago | reply

    Sorry if this is off-base, but I'd be willing to pay you for a parts list and tear-down pics of that model. Simply awesome.

  13. Legohaulic 51 months ago | reply

    Sorry, most of my models get disassembled shortly after I photograph them.

  14. ervenwill 51 months ago | reply

    thanks anyway.. nice work!

  15. Brickd Blog 48 months ago | reply

    i love the colors, and seeing a VV Sub. i featured this on Brickd.

  16. A Plastic Infinity 10 months ago | reply

    So beautiful I cried a little. :O

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