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Haunted House 01

For ages I've wanted to do a haunted house in the classic Victorian style. Lego haunted houses in this style seem to be few and far between. A week ago, I realized that with Halloween fast approaching, that I should do something related to the holiday. A few long days of building and I finally have fulfilled my dream of creating a Lego haunted house.


The house itself took 3 days to create and the landscape was done 1 day. Today I put on the final touches and photographed. In all, it only took my 5 days to complete this. This is undoubtedly the largest freeform base I've created.


The fog is created using dry ice and I'm thrilled with the way the photos turned out! This is one of the most satisfying MOCs (for me) that I've created in a while. Perhaps that just because I finished it so quickly that I didn't have time to get sick of it.


The trees are the evil twin of Tim and Azz's tree technique


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Taken on October 27, 2010