• Yum - Naʇe
  • Satisfying. - MacLane
  • Indeed. - Motian
  • Not crazy about this part, it just feels like an empty Bionicle foot to me, but that may be simply because I was more of a Bionicle builder myself. Perhaps use one of those old gray balljoints with the eyelike pattern to be a "camera", or something? - Polkergeist
  • great feet!! - MolochBaal
  • Which piece is this? - Marin Stipkovic
  • This one
  • Great greebling. - Pate-keetongu
  • Oh, thanks. :) - Marin Stipkovic
  • neat place to put that little tile - Chrispockst
  • poor battledroids ;) - Dutch-builder
  • It's just fine =) see it like a backpack that can fit an: Hydro-electric-emergency-power-resource.

    or something like that :p Use imagination... - Dutch-builder

Oasis Mech

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A desert combat mech designed for durability in extreme desert environments.

Please check out the VIDEO of the mech in action.

The main inspiration for the mech was the use of the turntable pieces that I used on the guns and hip joint cover.

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  1. Morgan190 46 months ago | reply

    Excellent lines.

  2. Brick Britt 46 months ago | reply

    Awesome, Tyler! :D

  3. Robiwan_Kenobi 46 months ago | reply

    wow, fantastic mech! Great shape and colouring and the round joints with the gear wheels are brutally awesome!

  4. eclipseGrafx 46 months ago | reply


    Love the colors and the whole design. I love it when Lego can almost be camoflauged away.

    Nice job.

  5. Ironsniper 46 months ago | reply

    This is amazing! Your choice of pieces makes it look incredibly functional (Even though it is) and realistic.

  6. lukashu35 46 months ago | reply

    reminds me of a mech i saw on gundam00 a while ago. all & all i think its a wonderfully put together mech.

  7. Adrian Florea 46 months ago | reply

    This is the kind of design and MOC I've been missing here on flickr. I like the main torso area a lot.

  8. nate_daly 46 months ago | reply

    Those guns are great, sweet mech.

  9. mondayn00dle 46 months ago | reply

    I’m not a big fan of chicken walkers or mechs in general, but ehh…I guess it’s OK.


  10. Ɍaillery 46 months ago | reply

    I'm surprised I missed this. Like the gears.

  11. Alec ^0^ 46 months ago | reply

    Wonderful !!!!

  12. Pierre E Fieschi 46 months ago | reply

    That mech has style!
    Fantastic work sir!

  13. PUGATRON [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    aw geez, just too great....

  14. Dutch-builder 45 months ago | reply

    very cool, if it was for sale in lego stores, i would buy it.

  15. _lichtblau_ 45 months ago | reply

    Simply perfect: shape, color combo, parts usage...stunning work!

  16. evansd7761@sbcglobal.net 35 months ago | reply

    Of all Lego-based models, I would have never expect it to be one of them. Impressive.

  17. ~Sir.Neo~ (Semper Fidelis) 34 months ago | reply

    This would have to be my all time favorite Mech, every thing about it just yells out perfection!
    I wish I could make one of these for my my display at BrickCon, it would make quite a big high light in over all display. If you could find time to give me a basic parts list, that would be great!
    Also, outstanding work as always Tyler!

  18. Chase Lewis [Vid] 28 months ago | reply

    Dang this is clean

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