• Win. - Thunder-blade
  • Isn't it symmetrical along this axis? - mahjqa
  • Yeah pretty much. Some of the part usage is different but it is symmetrical that way. Oh well :P
  • ow - Genghis Don
  • Whole thing looks like a fish to me. - Five Fives
  • The Millennium Falcon is symmetrical through that access too. - xadrian
  • that's actually symmetry across a plane. Also, the falcon is not symmetric on any axis or plane. - psiaki
  • well, since this is 3D, it's not across an axis either, technically. and yes, the falcon isn't exactly symmetrical, but it's close ;) - xadrian
  • Agreed. - The Enigma That is Fennec Fox
  • This part is awesome. - inyufface
  • I hope that's just his leg. - Hessianizer
  • If you look closely enough, some pieces on both sides aren't connected fully, thus rendering it asymmetrical. - pyreƒyre
  • Hood ornament, maybe? - лам0פе˥

Crescent Mooner

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FBTB "ASS Model" entry. Also an assymmetrical fighter.

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  1. zrath 61 months ago | reply

    Yeah, if I was a judge, I would lean towards this design.
    It's just so nifty and imaginative.
    I hate you, Legohaulic!!

    Okay, not really. :)

  2. Vengeance of Lego 61 months ago | reply

    This is probably going to sound stupid, How do you add the comments that appear when you scroll over the image?
    Please tell me what you think about my new lego.

  3. Hessianizer 61 months ago | reply

    Click the "Add note" button above the image.

    Also, don't advertise your creations. No one likes to see it. Some people will remove your comment for doing so. Just add the pictures to groups and leave it at that if you want people to notice them.

  4. Zeessi 61 months ago | reply

    This is insanely freaking amazing to say the least. Great job Tyler!

  5. Morgan190 60 months ago | reply

    Hey, congratulations on your win. :)

    Any chance you'll be posting photos of different angles, particularly the opposite side?

  6. peterlmorris 60 months ago | reply

    Ha! Congratulations! I knew it would be either this one or Cole's, from the moment I saw them.

  7. Cole Blaq 60 months ago | reply

    Congrats Tyler, a deserved win!

    Next to yours Morgan's ship was my also my favourite.

    ^Peter, thanks for the head-up.

  8. pasukaru76 60 months ago | reply

    Congrats, well deserved!

  9. Garrett Waters 59 months ago | reply

    Now, did I prophecy this two months ago, or did I prophecy this two months ago?

  10. gambort 59 months ago | reply

    ^ You did not. Prophecy is a noun and thus cannot be 'done'.

  11. equuinox 59 months ago | reply

    ^He meant prophesy, I think.

  12. peterlmorris 59 months ago | reply

    Or perhaps spelling should be more important.

    The foundations of communication are grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, three things that are sadly lacking in the U.S. public schools today.

  13. pasukaru76 59 months ago | reply

    ^ The U.S. isn't alone in that.

  14. gambort 59 months ago | reply

    Actually it was a misunderstanding. I'm used to hearing "prophecy" (a N) and "prophesied" (a V) but not "prophesy" (also a V). The original posted was much less wrong than I thought and I was more wrong than I realised.

    I should also point out that none are actually correct as a prophesy (as opposed to a prediction) is a divine vision from God but that's being a pedantic knob.

  15. equuinox 59 months ago | reply

    ^Alright, I'm always being a grammar perfectionist. But maybe God did want him to know about this model for some reason, you never know. I sure would've wanted a sneak peak of it. ; )

  16. Krika99 58 months ago | reply

    Wait...Does the SS come with the smoke bubble dome? I don't remember it coming with one. Then again, I don't own one *sniff*

  17. Krika99 58 months ago | reply

    ^ yep, I checked the booklet, and no, it doesn't have he dome. so then this wouldn't be eligible, right?

  18. Krika99 58 months ago | reply

    ^whoops, sorry about the above. seeing that you are the winner, I should really stop saying this nonsense. Sorry!

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