• Love the jumper bricks here... - zachmoe
  • Me too, great texture. - Zimzø
  • the entire cockpit looks great. Are they custom decals? - Malravion
  • Leaving no surface untextured... - bermudafreze
  • the gaps in the wing look weird to me - psiaki
  • very clever using these tiles on the 45 - DW Studios - MI
  • They're official stickers that I cut.
  • what is this? - areojetman
  • a 4L bar...basically a lightsaber blade
  • jumper bricks? that'd be an interesting piece.. :P

    ps: i love the look here too! - lights
  • no, i mean in real life, like the bigger one is the blaster,but what is the smaller one? - areojetman
  • I don't know what it's suppose to be...a gun or sensor of some sort.
  • Thats what they're called... - Symmetry_
  • The mistake was in calling them "bricks" since it's a jumper "plate".
  • Ah, yes I see now. That would be an interesting piece. - Symmetry_
  • Nice! - Element Stacker
  • All the models I've seen of the B Wings have some sort of recess on the leading edge of the main foil. I don't know the reason for them, but they're there. - LegoKol


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One of my favorite Star Wars fighters. The A-Wing would be my favorite but Jerrec has already made one that can't be beat.

My pride and joy of this MOC is the center engine. I'm extremely pleased with the way it turned out. Here's how I did it


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  1. zrath 106 months ago | reply

    The center engine is definitely the pièce de résistance, it's awesome!
    I also like the use of sand blue, and the jump plates behind the cockpit are inspired.
    The B-Wing is a favorite of mine as well.

  2. JBassett85 105 months ago | reply

    pretty sweet... except when the s-foils open the cockpit is supposed to rotate 45 degrees to the left. I imagine the pieces just don't allow for that though. Awesome though.

  3. Fleebnork 105 months ago | reply

    The cockpit on the B-Wing is supposed to rotate through 180 degrees, and it swivels independently of the rest of the fuselage.


  4. Legohaulic 105 months ago | reply

    ^^ Actually, the cockpit on this model does rotate 180 degrees. And GA is right. Though, when you really think about it, what's' the point of a swiveling cockpit in the zero gravity of space?

  5. Wallopy Joe 105 months ago | reply

    Different viewpoints on stuff you're shooting at?

  6. The Ranger of Awesomeness 105 months ago | reply

    Nah, it's for the overall awesomeness factor. I would know, look at the screen name. ;)

  7. Fleebnork 105 months ago | reply


    The reasoning used in the old Star Wars RPG was that the B-Wing was engineered so the cockpit could remain as stable as possible in order to provide a stable targeting platform for the weapons. The fuselage of the craft would be able to maneuver around to avoid fire or obstacles while the cockpit section could remain stable.


    The Kenner toy I had as a kid had a weight in the cockpit section so it would remain level while you whooshed it around. It was super nifty.

  8. peterlmorris 105 months ago | reply

    Dude, I had the same toy! It was rather enormous, though still swooshable.

    Although that weight in the cockpit caused it to slosh rather than remain exactly level... It was close enough.

  9. Fleebnork 105 months ago | reply

    Yup... although by that time I was into GI Joe, so the B-Wing got drafted into Joe service as an "experimental" fighter. :P

  10. Eleven-Thirty-Eight 104 months ago | reply

    This is incredible! I love the cockpit and engine area, and the sand blue looks great!

  11. Astropunk3 103 months ago | reply

    this is great! I built one myself!

  12. [Zen.] 102 months ago | reply

    Best B-wing I've ever seen!

  13. Andrewdash1998 84 months ago | reply

    Make the B-Wing 2 seater

  14. Krytios 62 months ago | reply

    I made one years ago and I'm dissatisfied with it so "some day" I'll fix it. But I also used the sand blue color. B-wings have faded blue! Good job!

  15. FurkanCinar22 58 months ago | reply

    It looks very nice, thank you

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  16. pilotbills 24 months ago | reply

    Do you have the LDD file or something that I could use to recreate this work of art? By far the best B-wing out there!

  17. chriscrowley2 9 months ago | reply

    what technique did you use for the lower wing having the plates facing opposite each other ?

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