Matrix APU

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One of the APU's from my Brickworld Matrix display. I was pleasantly surprised when I was awarded the Best Mecha trophy.

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  1. SORHP 69 months ago | reply

    Instructions would be so awsome!, congradulations btw

  2. Pozland 66 months ago | reply

    I still say this is by far the BEST lego figure I've ever seen

  3. icyicyicy6a1 54 months ago | reply

    Omg is that from the matrix awwwwwweeesommmmeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    Frikin awesome! i made one but it sucked... oh well! ^o^/ really cool i love it! if i were the judge i would have pointed at you and went insta winna!!!! really cool. when i saw matrix with my dad i was like.... 0.0 omg. i saw the whole trilogy and the matrix will forever be my favorite movie! i have a program called scratch and i might make something on there.

  5. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    Congrats by the way!

  6. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    By the way im a guy. god, i sound like a total tool wierdo idiot and loser.... /-\ its often i sound like that... everyone ive met on some multiplayer/online game says im one.... so have people ive met.... i beleive them. ;.-(.... why am i such a freakin loser!? /-\ *sigh* i bet everyone but all my freinds think im an extreme loser...

  7. Pozland 29 months ago | reply

    You're a 'freakin loser' cuz you have to ask people 'why am i such a freakin loser'. Stop asking and you'll stop being one.
    Fuck it's annoying to see tweens begging for compliments.

  8. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    You know ive had a lot of fricken stress in my life. thats why i think im a loser! i was suicidal when i was little, i brought out a knife on cps agents, and im about to lose my best freind to those cps people when their lying saying hes frickin suicidal when hes not stating they are extreme liers, ive been through a lot. im autistic to so you know. >:( Jerk.

  9. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    Its not frickin fault if im emotional either.

  10. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    Im sorry I lashed out Pozland. Its just the comment you made+ all of the stress ive been carrying with me... its just i know those facts will haunt me for the rest of my life. at a time i was even an atheist! a lot of other people wish they could wash away their sins and bad memories and so do i... you understand right

  11. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    So much for making freinds........ this happens a lot too........ sorry Pozland........ Legohaulic....... and everyone else........

  12. Pozland 29 months ago | reply

    *rolls eyes*

  13. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    Plus i wasn't frickin begging! i would cuss but i dont have any permission from you adults... not my fault if it sounds like im fricken begging when im not! not my fault if i cant word it to where it sounds like im NOT begging! everything i say is wrong i wasnt even thinking right! At first i thought god i sound so wierd and i sound like a tool! and then i thought my comment when i got all excited i thought i sound like a totally wierd and odd person and then i thought hey! i sound like a total loser.... at times i get really emotional..... thinking no one likes me.... happens every time.... im sorry, i wont make a comment like that again i didnt mean to make you mad Pozland... sorry

  14. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    You know you dont have to be a jerk about everything. all you need to do is not be a coplete stick in the mud and tell me what im doing wrong dont be a complete jerk about it! not my fault if you hate everything everyone says. and im SO SORRY but if your going to fricking complain about some comment and your gonna be a jerk about it, just say," hey guy i dont really like what your saying. ive done it several times, so why cant you?! its very simple!!!!!!!! and you know what?! im SO FUCKING SORRY YOU HATE ME, AND YOU KNOW WHAT I WILL DEAL WITH IT, SO THAT DOESN'T GIVE ME AN FUCKING REASON YOU CANT DEAL WITH A STUPID COMMENT THAT SEEMS LIKE IM FUCKING BEGGING WHEN IM NOT, IN WICH YOU WONT FUCKING LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD FUCKING DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM TIRED OF YOU RUDE ASS PEOPLE WITH YOUR OH HES BEGGING OH HES THIS OH HES THAT AND YOUR *ROLLED EYES* SHIT!!!! IM DONE!!!!! I DIDNT BULLY YOU, DID I?! Now if you dont mind can we change the subject onto a different topic?

  15. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    Please, Pozland? I didnt mean to make you my enemy. please i would like a fresh new start with you and everyone. maybe legohaulic could bring up a subject to change to? or maybe you Pozland or someone out of the crowd?

  16. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    About how long would you say it took you to build your apu?

  17. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    Forget it. I wont ever look at this page again. you wont see me anymore. not my fault everyones a jerk to me. not my fault Pozland egged me on either you wont see the likes of me ANY MORE= NEVER. Bye.

  18. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    You know what... you're right Pozland I let you get the best of me. You were trying to tell me im a loser if i think i am because i am my own person. sorry i didn't realize that. i lashed out completely blind as a bat. Your not a jerk rude person or anything. Your'e just someone who was trying to tell me something. in a way i was kind of taking it to far... i know realize that.I take back everything I said. I apologize for my stupidness and for all that I said. And if its fine with you, Legohaulic, Pozland, may I have another chance? P.S. you still wn Pozland because you got the best of me.

  19. dgs079 29 months ago | reply

    Legohaulic even made a cheese Master cheif, or the other name, cheesey chief.

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