• That offset is so hot - <(Chris B)>
  • Offset hairpiece, awesome choice for Doc's crazy hair! - Blυe Star
  • Instantly recognizable! Great choice of minifigure head. - ElNickre
  • classic hinges come in light bley? I just checked Bricklink and the 3-finger hinge comes in old gray only. What color did you use here? - Nannan Z.
  • It's old grey. The way the picture came out it made it look sorta bley.
  • Jacket :¬O - Lloyd W
  • Seconded-perefect head - sqiddster
  • why is there an old man hanging out with a sailor? - dover ☄
  • This seems so obvious, but I've never seen it done before. It looks excellent. - Erdbeereis1
  • I borrowed the idea from K-Hatch's design on Brickshelf.
  • What's the matter with you, kid? You jump ship? - peterlmorris
  • Just noticed the color change here - that is excellent! I've seen a DeLorean up close, and there's just no getting around that jarring transition from stainless steel to plastic. Awesome! - peterlmorris
  • "You made a time machine...out of a pile of LEGOs?" - Matt Forcum
  • What wheel is this? - NeptuneFur
  • I eventually want to see a photo with Mr. Fusion here. :P - Matt Forcum
  • Are these all 1x1 tiles? I wonder if it would work inverted. - SIMAFOL
  • Lego Agents, I think. - Brick Farmer
  • They're actually 1x1 plates. Check the gallery link below for some shots of the rear.
  • They're actually these
  • Can we get a pic w/ fire on the ground? - SIMAFOL
  • That's what I was thinking. Perfect. - SIMAFOL
  • Which part is this? the red one - yo3l
  • Looks like a rubber band. - pyreƒyre
  • These look awsome - Joris Blok
  • nice cam.... what model is it? :) - JeyGy
  • This is a perfect head/hair combo for Doc Brown! I had been thinking of using the same hairpiece, but the head works really well too! - Eleven-Thirty-Eight

1.21 Gigawatts!!!

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In case you haven't already figured it out...I'm a huge movie buff and I'm a film student in college. Therefore film provides a lot of inspiration for Lego building. I trust everyone knows what this is from.

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  1. LostCarPark 62 months ago | reply

    This is excellent, though the car does seem a little large for the figs.

  2. StevenMcFlyJr 58 months ago | reply

    Holy hell! can you e-mail me the instrux?

    or contact me on my website:

  3. Tom-Walker [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

    you sir, are a legend!!

  4. heislerhouse 56 months ago | reply

    awesome i love back to the futre

  5. heislerhouse 56 months ago | reply

    it needs einstein though

  6. skipthefrogman 53 months ago | reply

    This is incredibly flippin' awesome. Fantastic work for sure! Keep it up!

  7. zeehelmut 49 months ago | reply

    It's so retardedly awesome I'm almost droolin' . Cole Martin from Sandlug. AKA Zehelmut, says Righteous

  8. Toy Master 49 months ago | reply

    The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car why not
    do it with some style. This definitely has style. Awesome design!

  9. pilho 49 months ago | reply

    This is a beautiful creation! You captured the design so well! Soo cool. Fave'd!

  10. Commander Gabe 45 months ago | reply

    Back To The Future. I saw the movie.

  11. Eleven-Thirty-Eight 43 months ago | reply

    This so beautiful! Definitely the best Lego version of a DeLorean I've ever seen. I've been planning to make a Lego version of the car for a while now.

  12. marty.mankins 43 months ago | reply

    OMG, this is so cool. I would love to see a parts list of what was needed to build this.

  13. James.T.Kirk 42 months ago | reply

    I want one for my shelf!!! Such an icon despite being a bad motor.
    You are a lego-egend!! How long u been at it?

  14. zzapback 39 months ago | reply

    What's the matter McFly!?

    Excellent stuff, this.

  15. Strike You 38 months ago | reply


  16. ginger demon 34 months ago | reply

    this is a awesome delorean and has inspired me to make one for my son to play with its for me really just don't tell the misses it took me ages to find the bonnet its part of the castle collection i had to clean the cobble stone effect off it i think if they released a kit it would ruin the fun i have had making mine

  17. ginger demon 34 months ago | reply

    this lego delorean has inspired me to create my own one for the mini figures i would be very happy if u would browse my pics and possibly add any ideas / suggestions to make mine better thanks

  18. griff324customs 32 months ago | reply

    way better than saber scropains

  19. xxavalanche33xx 9 months ago | reply

    Can you please tell me how you made Doc's JVC camera so I can make one of my own? Thanks!

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