• nice motion - Capt. Lego-boy
  • Howdy down there! - Capt. Lego-boy
  • WOW! I love the cheese slopes right here! And much improved. - R a x o r
  • That's quite inventive, using the white under the cheese so the white doesnt show. - tadashistate
  • Love this! Nicely done! - remyth
  • sneaky - Tenacious EJ
  • There should be a stripe with a cross. - /afronaut
  • needs some extra parts here. - John Lamarck
  • needs some work here to smooth the underside. - John Lamarck
  • it was really pretty impossible with how I had to connect the angled wings. Plus those little bits you see there are just so that I can attach the landing gear.
  • Not really. It just looks weird from this angle.
  • Yeah...it was a little hard to put on there without using stickers.
  • Winner! - julencin2000
  • This is the port side... God, I hate to pick nits on something built so well and so far beyond my own capacity. - Dave Shaddix


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The Me-109, standard fighter plane of the German Luftwaffe during WWII.

I'm a big WWII buff. But strangely, I've not build too many WWII things in Lego. I thought it was time to fix that.

I think it's a big improvement over my last one

I tried to make it as accurate as possible. It is minifig scale, has functional tail, and angled wings.


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  1. Just.Sie 76 months ago | reply

    Still not enough cheese for me.

  2. brickfrenzy 76 months ago | reply

    Remember, all the short words go together when it comes to navigation lights:

    red - green
    left - right
    port - starboard

  3. Kirilo 76 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lego planes, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. Geoffrey the Dragon 75 months ago | reply

    Actually the cannon in the nose is 20mm, not 30, according to one of my many aircraft books. Any way, nice fighter.

  5. peterlmorris 75 months ago | reply

    According to that damn internet encyclopedia, a few of the K models did have a 20 mm nose cannon, but the majority had the 30 mm.

  6. Geoffrey the Dragon 75 months ago | reply

    Did you check your source with at least two other sources? I'm currently checking some of the other books as a cross reference but I'm very sure thats not right, we're talking about the majority of BF-109's not just a BF-109K.

  7. Geoffrey the Dragon 75 months ago | reply

    Actually according to this book we're both right. The BF-109K had a 30mm cannon in the nose and a pair of wing mounted 13mm cannon that could be changed with a pair of 20mm cannons . However the BF-109F,G and H had a 20mm cannon mounted in the nose with two wing mounted 7.9mm mgs. The BF-109b-d were armed with four 7.9mm cannons, And the BF-109E had two 20mm wing mounted cannons.

  8. Legohaulic 75 months ago | reply

    Who really cares what size gun it was and what variation of the plane it was on. It dun had a BIG GUN in da noze of da plane! That's all that really matters to me.

  9. Geoffrey the Dragon 75 months ago | reply

    True^. I just felt like clogin' your photostream with useless comments. ;)

  10. Motian 73 months ago | reply

    i saw this a while back and was in too much of a rush to comment. in the interim, i have run through this creation in my head surprisingly much, and i've grown more and more happy with the angling effect of the wings. such an uncommon detail to address in the brick. this is truly a standout model.

  11. locolson 68 months ago | reply

    This is a great model! Very nicely detailed. Looks awesome!

  12. The Ranger of Awesomeness 68 months ago | reply

    Awesome, Tyler! Are you going to be at BrickCon? If so, if this is still intact, bring it with you!

  13. βricks-to-use 66 months ago | reply

    Dude nice work, is it that only ww2 modle of yours???

  14. Legohaulic 66 months ago | reply

    ^ Its my most recent one. I built a lot of WWII and military models before discovering the online Lego community. I just don't have any pictures of those.

  15. AppleMan-K83 64 months ago | reply

    Nice, Really cool ME-109, Now, just build me a P-38 to shoot at it....
    (hehe, the P-38 has FIVE really big guns "in da noze of da plane")

    Otherwise, this is the best Lego fighter-plane I have ever seen.
    Looks like it has a great 'Swooosh!' Factor....

  16. sixty8panther 63 months ago | reply

    Nice job!

    You should also tag this BF-109 esp. since it's an E-series.

  17. Preston_J.P. 63 months ago | reply

    Just Beautiful!

  18. harmar192 58 months ago | reply

    Does it have flaps?

  19. ResistanceBrick [Juri-Flurry] 22 months ago | reply

    looks a little overzised tought...

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