Combat bot

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A post-apocalyptic combat robot.


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  1. Karf Oohlu 84 months ago | reply

    Magical work.

  2. Obxcrew [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

    That is awesome!

  3. magnus_lauglo 84 months ago | reply

    When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it would be a gladiator style bot with a trident and net. Have you thought of posing a few pix where it uses its cape as a net, to trip up or capture other bopts or small figs?

  4. Memory ☓ 84 months ago | reply

    Post 30 GET! Yeah!

    Awesome as usual, Tyler. Because I only want you to improve, I'll look for something wrong with this... Okay, maybe not. But why the fuzzy photography? I know you can do better!


  5. Big_X 84 months ago | reply

    IG-88 meets Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. Creepy as hell!

  6. <(Chris B)> 84 months ago | reply

    I definately got an IG-88 vibe.......This is beyond incredible, good job.

  7. Shannon Ocean 84 months ago | reply

    I love the face Tyler. Inspirational. (yeah, like you need to hear that YET AGAIN from a noob like me...)

  8. kidthor 84 months ago | reply

    Excellent as usual.

  9. Amhakia 84 months ago | reply

    Great use of the rubber elements and the netting to rough up the surface texture a bit - really takes it beyond that "Lego" look. Just fantastic!

  10. Adrian Florea 84 months ago | reply

    As a minifig scale MOC, this didn't appeal a lot to me, but as a sculpture, like your Fenix one, it simply rocks. It reminds me of those combat bots from Samurai Jack.

  11. bLuE-c [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

    Wow. This thing has so many ccomments it took me a while to find the bottom.

  12. The Metal One 67 months ago | reply

    wouldnt that be a "combot"

  13. Element Stacker 64 months ago | reply

    nice... very nice...

  14. Misterzumbi 63 months ago | reply

    I can't get enough of this. Dude you need to make better pictures so I can steal it and put it on my desk somewhere. That is one of the best things ever built out of LEGO.

  15. pilho 61 months ago | reply

    Stunning industrial monstrosity

  16. brickboy1028 53 months ago | reply

    Where did you get the netting for his cape

  17. TheLegoRat 31 months ago | reply


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