Hoth afterparty

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I know it's not an "Avanaut"... but I still want to take Hoth shots :-)

Best thing against PTSD: have fun. Better: make fun of your enemies!

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  1. R.T.G. 62 months ago | reply

    LOL. Great photo, the snow looks real

  2. mechanischwunder [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

    Haha, great shot with laughter :D

  3. im.mick 62 months ago | reply

    lol.. good stuff.

    im scared to try stuff with snow.. im critical on myself enough as it is without comparing my stuff to avanauts snow stuff!!

  4. jed fish 62 months ago | reply

    LOL.... that's a might big carrot ! Good job on this one :)

  5. leg0fenris 62 months ago | reply

    @ carrot:Yep, nuclear power on all the ships!

    @ avanaut: I don't even think of comparing my shots to avanauts so I'm zen!

    Thanks everybody for the words!

  6. Avanaut 62 months ago | reply

    But I like this. It's all about having fun and being original, and you are! (you too, Mick!) Come on guys.

  7. im.mick 62 months ago | reply

    I'm not original! Take that back! Hehe. I'll have to try snow stuff again some time..

  8. leg0fenris 62 months ago | reply

    You mean sugar/talcum/salt/underwater/.... stuff :-)

    Thx Avanaut... but yours are still the best by FAR!!!!!

    I tried something new with the background, but once again, I wasn't aptient enough to do it right... arg...

  9. pasukaru76 62 months ago | reply

    Lol, now that's one big nose. :-)

  10. leg0fenris 62 months ago | reply

    But still: Rebels have small... :-)

  11. heroesbed 62 months ago | reply

    exellent !!

  12. dendo76 62 months ago | reply

    Pretty sad when the hoth trooper hat looks better on a snowman that a minifig! Great shot.

  13. Ratshot. 62 months ago | reply

    This is a pretty sweet pic/idea!

  14. Mukhammer [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

    Looks like puke :S

  15. Ratshot. 62 months ago | reply

    From a distance it does.

  16. Nino__ 61 months ago | reply

    great idea

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