Sacrilege (Video)

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In response to this Video we ask you to define in your own words the meaning of "Sacrilege".

Before you un-friend us, please read description of the 'Sacrilege' photo. :)

No Legos were harmed in the making of this film...
P.S. (sorry it's low quality, it got dark fast while we were setting this up to burn it. ah well)

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  1. Legoorci 20 months ago | reply

    Pretty entertaining way to create some toxic gases :D

  2. Regonold 20 months ago | reply

    I was in a state of shock for the entire video. :P

  3. Harry the Young 20 months ago | reply

    the music is epic, where's it from?

  4. Fires storm 20 months ago | reply

    I second his comment, what was that rockin' music? Also great vid, I am a Christian so I view Sacrilege as anything really going into direct contrast of the bible on purpose or going against the teaching of God as a form of attack against his believers. That's just what I think anyhow

  5. Blake's Baericks 20 months ago | reply

    Hold the Ice, by Hans Zimmer

  6. Magma guy 20 months ago | reply

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Take that megabloks!!! BURN!!!

  7. Deus "Big D." Otiosus 20 months ago | reply

    Eh, I prefer sledgehammers. No problems with toxic gases that way.

  8. OrigamiFanPete 20 months ago | reply

    wow. I really hope it was meganloks! =)

  9. pasukaru76 20 months ago | reply

    Dragon attack.

  10. baronsat 20 months ago | reply

    As you use MB bricks there's no sacrilege. In my opinion it's more an inquisition against heretics blocks.
    Five years old kids chewing real Lego bricks are much more dangerous ;)

  11. CJCutrone9 20 months ago | reply

    When I first started watching this, I forgot I had just started an endor-ish song, and the music was louder than this, and matched every move of the camera. :p

  12. Simon S. 20 months ago | reply

    King Arthur soundtrack?

  13. Eleven-Thirty-Eight 20 months ago | reply

    That was epic, and I love your used of the Pirates of the Caribbean music!

  14. Ian Spacek 18 months ago | reply

    Ah, *sigh of contentment* such satisfaction...
    And the resulting build is a most fascinating spectacle. Plus it's hard to go wrong with Hans Zimmer! ;)

  15. Banana Gunz 16 months ago | reply

    You should of seen my face when I watched this video!!!!!!!!! (I didn't see the picture before hand, I thought it was really LEGO!!!)

  16. Ben Unleashed! 13 months ago | reply

    That was pretty good >:D

  17. Builder X 9 months ago | reply

    Hrm. Just found this.

    I know what this may get me, comments-wise, but here it is...

    If anyone has ANY bricks they don't want, clone or otherwise, don't do... well... that with them. I will gladly accept any & all brick donations, especially clone brands, and of course LEGO as well.

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