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The Fall of Home Tree.
Here's a last minute entry for the "Mi-Fi" - Microscale Sci-fi LEGO contest" depicting the scene where Pandorian's Home Tree is destroyed.

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  1. Glory_Forever 58 months ago | reply

    Fantastic work all around guys!

  2. The Deathly Halliwell 58 months ago | reply

    The bows as flying creatures is my favorite detail in a dio filled with awesome details.

  3. ForeverAloneHorse1 58 months ago | reply

    The tree looks great.

  4. Ironsniper 58 months ago | reply

    Oh, nice! Haha, I love the explosion and tree, loads of NPU!

  5. K.Kreations 58 months ago | reply

    So much NPU, it's all brilliant! I think we have a winner. :)

  6. Tòm 58 months ago | reply

    Home Tree is so cool!

  7. A.Chap 58 months ago | reply

    Mind Blown!

  8. NatetheGreat126 58 months ago | reply

    That's amazing!!!

  9. Angeli ¥ 58 months ago | reply

    inventive ;)

  10. quý 58 months ago | reply

    Are those blue pieces flextube or something else?

  11. -Grant- 58 months ago | reply

    How do you do that!? Nice!

  12. Flobnomdob 58 months ago | reply

    This thing is bristling with stupendous complexity. Is it delicate?

  13. Siercon and Coral 58 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone!
    Jack Deus OtiosusThanks! :) the twisted chain tree was lotsa fun.
    The Deathly HalliwellBellville! One of those great places to find forgotten pieces :) Thanks!
    nolnet Ironsniper Thanks! That definitely just sortof happened... wasn't planned and then just sortof fell out of the orange bin lol... "oh.. that helmet works"
    Quy Chau They are. We are flex tube cutters. Some cry for this and we are branded as heretics.. well mainly just for these little guys.. and yeah they are stretching it a ton. you not only have to cut the tubing to the right height, but also vertically. If possible this is a more purist approach :) It just requires a deeper base.
    Flobnomdob Not too much. If turned upside down some of the turf bricks holding the pines will fall out, and the planes are just dangling there. The tree however is supported with a lance down the center, so its not really fragile. :)

    Thanks again everyone!

  14. TheAsgardian 57 months ago | reply

    This is so amazing! I only just noticed the Na'vi on the ground!

  15. Yacapo 57 months ago | reply


  16. Tòm 57 months ago | reply

    Just watched it again today ;) This is very accurate

  17. NGCHunter2 8 months ago | reply

    Genius. Just genius.

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