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White Myst | by Siercon and Coral
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White Myst

This ship is tiny :). We were hoping the detail would disguise how small it actually is - and maybe catch a couple people off guard ;)


We really just wanted to make an intricate model ship. This one started from the cannons and quickly evolved when we figured out how to construct a micro wooden deck. Be sure to check out the detail shots to see individual planks, stairs, micro cannons, stern, and rigging!




P.S. Physics on the direction of the flag. ;) I assumed many people would tell me it was facing the wrong way and stuff like that. So what is the real physics behind it? without boring you too much...


Assuming the wind is blowing from behind: At the start when the ship is still, the flag will face forward. As the ship catches up to the speed of the wind, the flag's relative velocity is 0. Thus flapping all over the place due to the turbulence of the beams. But by the time the ship is moving faster than the wind the flag faces behind. Common assumption is that ships can only go as fast as the wind... not true.

Assuming the wind is blowing from the side/back: This is actually ideal! :D And helps the ship sail fastest (faster than the wind.) So ideally when you guys build ships like this have it facing backwards and tilted a little bit.

And if you're ever just sailing upwind... (boring cause you wont have all the sails up have the front triangle sails doing most the work :-/) but the flag would be facing backwards for the most part.

Hope that helps!

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Taken on February 3, 2012