Lego Dragons Contest

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Lego Dragons Contest
January 22nd - February 29th, 2012
By Siercon and Coral

Create a Dragon! You can build a futuristic robotic, fantasy elemental, classic, anime, piñata, hardsuit or any type of dragon you so desire. Be inventive, creative, and most of all detailed. It simply needs to be a quality recognizable dragon. We are very flexible, please don’t bother to ask if something’s ok if it’s obviously a dragon. However, all entries must be appropriate, nothing crude or vulgar etc will be tolerated. Also, spend quality time on it and make it count! We’d rather everyone start now and enter one quality build at the end of Jan.

Deadline: End of February. FSOE time (if it is February 2012 Somewhere On Earth, you can still enter.)

Restrictions: No clone brands, broken, melted, or mutilated Lego. Cut Lego flex tubing and stickers are fine. Limited Bionicle is fine, but it should be a majority Lego. Belville, Clickits, Friends, and lego lines like these are all game.

Size Min/Max: There is no minimum size constraint. Just remember that this is not a mini build competition. The maximum size is 2 green baseplates or 1 large grey baseplate. Reasonable overhang is accepted as well as different shape baseplates as long as the stud count is similar to the above specs.

Judges: Siercon, Coral, and two other highly experienced builders the internet has yet to know. We will be mainly judging the dragon himself, though there are significant considerations for the scene and atmosphere. Additional things you might want to consider is using unique connections and parts usage.

Posting questions and entries:
Questions: Please ask all questions on the thread at the Lego Dragons Group or the contest thread at The LCN (or both).
Entry Thread: Please enter your MOC on the entry threads of the Lego Dragons group or The LCN (Preferably both).
Also the Lego Dragons Group is a great place to find quality inspiration!.

Prizes: There will be a standard 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Above and beyond that, we will add more prizes like, unique takes, cutest, chubbiest, various colors, who knows… But those are mini trophies and should not be aimed for, merely given at a joyful whim :)
Also any of the additional trophies or mini prizes are also attainable by the top three winners (shoot for double prizes!).
1st: Lightning Dragon Battle (NIB)
2nd: Earth Dragon Defense (NIB)
3rd: Ice Dragon Attack (NIB)

If you would like to spread the word and post this picture thats perfectly fine :) Just be sure to send them to the photo link.

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  1. Rifflestein 40 months ago | reply

    Genius. Either way, this is a contest that really seems interesting. The real question is whether or not I'll have the motivation, since I didn't even make something for the speeder bike contest. :V

  2. Cygnet UD 40 months ago | reply

    Oooh! I may have to get the bricks out for this one...

  3. quý 39 months ago | reply

    The Chinese New Year is tomorrow, and it's the year of the dragon!

  4. theboywarrior 39 months ago | reply

    I'll try to enter. I'm probably doomed, but I'll try!

  5. Thrawnie 39 months ago | reply

    Oh wow, I was actually planning to build a dragon, but I shelved it incomplete. I guess this'll give me some motivation to finish it. :P

  6. Yacapo 39 months ago | reply

    Well I'm not exactly good at all with lego dragons... But I'll try!

    Awesome contest! I bet there is going to be some great entries!

  7. -Disty- 39 months ago | reply

    What about Technic?

  8. Nuju Metru 39 months ago | reply

    Are previously-built dragons okay? And what about multiple dragons?

  9. Siercon and Coral 39 months ago | reply

    Remember to look at the group pages, and you may find your question has already been answered. :)
    Yes, of course.
    And for all of you who feel similar, this is why we spent lots of personal money to have multiple prizes :D AND built many little micro trophies for lots of different entries. :) So please participate :D We're just hoping this is a blast for all who stick around! And if you're "no good at building dragons" read the contest description again :) Are you good at space ships? Mechs? Hope to see ya aboard!
    Absolutely! Think outside of the box on this one... I mean if you want to take apart a lego watch and throw in some of those pieces then go for it. Must be a "Lego made this" product.
    Yes, IF it has not in any shape or form has been posted. Has it or any WIP of it been posted? Then no :(

    Glad people are excited! We're really looking forward to seeing this unfold.

  10. AK_Brickster 39 months ago | reply

    Woohoo! I am in the process of moving, but my new apt finally will have a little dedicated Lego space, so I'll try to submit an entry that I've been kicking around since BrickCon :)

  11. Ben Unleashed! 39 months ago | reply

    My dragon is doing pretty well, but I am stuck on the tail and wings... I just can't figure those parts out :l

  12. JWbricks 39 months ago | reply

    2 things, can I enter from the U.K. and can I use LDD

  13. Sir Raviel 39 months ago | reply

    Hmm...I'll give it a go.

  14. Deus "Big D." Otiosus 39 months ago | reply

    Well, I'll try to win all 8 prizes if I manage to build yellow/gold and bone. Keyword is try.

  15. ★Christian 38 months ago | reply

    Would it be okay if I can enter?

  16. Siercon and Coral 38 months ago | reply

    OH sorry, didnt see this! YES of course :) you've got a couple days left :D

  17. ★Christian 38 months ago | reply

    I already did :)

  18. Siercon and Coral 38 months ago | reply

    Winners have been announced! :D

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