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Geode Caverns

"We, over the years of plundering our oppressors, have amassed countless crowns from tyranical kings. We have guarded priceless jewels and powerful artifacts worn by warriors of old. And today we pay another visit to the wealth of our history. The forestmen... will rise again from the heart of the Faerie Forest, and the soul of Avalonia. Long have we stayed hidden, it is time we showed our strength."


The hidden treasury of Avalonia is buried in the depths of the Mystic Faerie Forest and few have ever seen within it's sacred caverns, save the foresters. They are always adding to its abundance while still exemplifying generosity. Not only is this secret cave filled with wonders, but it is also a secret passage to the Faerie Forest City! (still to come... :))


This is for CCC IX (Hidden Treasure category)

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Taken on December 13, 2011