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Festival of Flowers | by Siercon and Coral
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Festival of Flowers

Silas looked slowly round at the youthful faces gazing up at him in anticipation. This small journey was their rite of passage, a time of testing as well as instruction. He waited until the forestlings had settled around the warming fire, preparing themselves for a night of lore and adventure. Silas cleared his throat. “Are you ready to listen? To become a Forestman, like your parents and like me, to hear the tales of your ancestors?” He chuckled to himself as he watched the innocent smiles that grew among them. “Good. Our first tale is from long ago, when forestmen first came to this place. Though the land was beautiful, the winters were long; and the people struggled to make a living out of the Earth. One young girl by the name of Flora wandered deeper into the woods in search of flowers. At first there were none to be found, for the cruel winter had made them lose their bloom. As she searched deeper however, she found a single May Tree. When Flora drew near it, the tree began to pulse and brighten! She reached out her hand for it, and the flowers came to meet her… pink and white petals forming into the shape of a lovely woman. ‘Long have I waited to meet one who would find me here,’ she spoke, and her voiced sounded as chimes in the wind. ‘My name is Hawthorne, guardian of this realm. This forest has been awaiting a people to cherish it, and with your coming I can at last bless the earth.’ She gently placed her hand on Flora’s head, and with her smile the forest came alive with magic. Flowers lifted their faces, brooks began bubbling to life, and the trees grew tall around them. The dryads and their sister river nymphs ran to meet our ancestors. Then Hawthorne turned to Flora once more with a promise, which our people remember to this day. For on that first of May, we found a home. Now every May Day we thank the one who gave us this haven, and promised to keep Avalonia fertile and protected. You forestlings collect flowers to mark that time and to celebrate our home.”


This is for CCC IX the Medieval holiday category. May Day! ::EDIT:: Crud... I just learned that that category has a size limit :( so this is our MISC. entry. but it's ok! More is coming! including an 18 baseplate MOC for a category w/o a size limit...



Blake Baer: The birch trees and the waterfall are inspired by Amon Hen :)

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Taken on December 2, 2011