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WarScape: Vol 1; Chapter 9 of 9 | by Siercon and Coral
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WarScape: Vol 1; Chapter 9 of 9

See Volume #2 here, and read the chapters associated :) Blake Baer did a great job carrying the torch.


"Footsteps quickened, and swords shone bare under the masked sun. Joshua’s heart raced, his feet pounding beneath him almost involuntarily. The moment had come, and he could feel nothing but the rough handle of the sword in his grip and the weight of his shield pulling heavily at his arm. The ground trembled under the pounding of the elephants and the charging line of armored knights. “Where are our brothers? Will they make it in time? With how many men?” were the last thoughts Joshua had before forcing it from his mind and gritting his teeth. With a deep, shaking breath he released his clenched jaw and joined the chorus of men; shouting in a united prayer as much as a battle cry before the hordes that awaited them.


Victoria glided effortlessly across the field, ashes swirling at her feet like a low mist. It was time to erase her past and paint a new future. To wash away the painful colors of life with the beauty of grey. Death knights advanced beside her methodically, without fear or urgency. Leading vicious scorpions and machines of war, they proceeded toward the line of hopeless men. “Hold nothing back! Your kindness is in your swiftness of execution. Remember you were once like them, clinging to a pathetic life before you were awakened to a new existence! Bring these desperate souls peace through our blades.” Victoria caught a glimpse of a face in the masses that rolled forward to crash with them, sending a ripple across the still, dark waters of her heart. For the briefest of moments something seemed to grow within her... what was it? The word came to her mind unwillingly, from some forgotten past. It was... a lily. Victoria clenched her fist, and the lily faded into ashes, steeling her current resolve. The war had begun."




This is the end and compilation of Volume 1. Dont forget to read Volume #2!




Its hard to see the detail from this picture alone, this is why I decided to break it down into 8 pieces. Thanks for following our story!! For those who are just joining us, look back at chapters 1-8 for the many intricate details. Thanks everyone for the fun journey, and support Blake as he helps us continue the story. I've seen his WIPs and they are very well done!




This is a series that was built for the Mini Castle Contest at Classic-Castle. This is our entry as the first 8 chapters assembled together to create this volume.


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