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No Alternative

Mister Mikhail, there is no other choice. You log-in to your network and show us what we want.


I keep telling you, this isn't about that, it's something... else...


My patience is growing thin Mister Mikhail. Neither you or I have another alternative. You're the only English-speaking person in this entire city. Now, I need this information, and you need your life.


How do you know?


You talk in your sleep. Have your wife and 3 kids never told you that?


Oh.... shi-...


Talk to me. Talk to me Mister Mikhail.


Fine. But you are losing-out. I know things.


We want all the information we can get. Tell me. Tell me now.


I'm part of the Nationalist group here in Abu Dhabi. We have operatives all around the city, trying to weed you out. But we are fighting two forces here: you, and the Private Military Company known as Sharp Sky Associates. They are evacuating civilians everywhere. And their next stop, is right here.



This is a preview/lead-up to Verde and mine's diorama.

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Taken on October 2, 2012