2/19/11 - Falls of Neuse Road
RALEIGH - Aftermath of major brush fire at Wakefield with Falls, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Stony Hill, Bay Leaf, and Durham Highway fire departments. Reported as grass fire at Falls of Neuse Road near Garden Hill Drive. Wind-fed flames quickly spread across Wakefield Plantation Golf Course, and threatened structures on three sides: Garden Hill Drive (north), Imperial Oaks Drive (east), and Victoria Park Lane (south). Initial requests for brush trucks, additional engines, and full structural assignments from Raleigh. Crews and units positioned on all three sides. Command post located on Falls of Neuse just south of Garden Hill Drive. Apparatus staging at Wakefield Baptist Church on Falls of Neuse Road. Police closed several roads, and evacuated citizens from golf course. About 25 acres burned, with some exterior damage to structures. Several citizens assisted firefighters. Golf course sprinklers activated to assist with wet-down. Dispatched about 3:30 p.m. Controlled about 5:00 p.m. Units included Falls - P212, pumper, brush, tanker 217, C2, C1 (incident command). Raleigh - E25 (initial dispatch), E22, E15, E28, E4, E18, E27, E9, L5, L2, L2, R1, R3, R2, B4, B1, C10, C21, A1, C5. Bay Leaf - P258, P122, brush. Wake Forest - E3, two brush units, C5, C1. Stony Hill - E261, tanker 268, brush 263. Durham Highway - Brush. Forestry - Two units plus plow. Medical - EMS 4, EMS 6, EMS 10, EMS 68, D3, T1. Coverage - Fuquay-Varina E2 to Falls, Cary E70 (T7 crew on spare engine) to Raleigh Station 10, Raleigh E13 to Station 15, and probably others. "A" shift.
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