1/9/10 - St. Giles Street
RALEIGH - Two alarms at 6149 St. Giles Street. Engine 17 arriving at a three-story, brick-and-frame apartment building with 5,076 square-feet. Built 1981. Heavy smoke showing from second floor on arrival. Interior attack commenced. Battalion 4 assumed command on arrival and requested second alarm within a couple minutes. Fire spread through third floor and into attic. Ladder 3 positioned in front of structure, and first utilized for roof access. Ladder 6 positioned behind structure. Both flowed after fire broke through roof.

Ten apartments damaged, and eight people displaced. One resident transported with smoke inhalation. Two hydrants used, and a third connected with supply line laid but not opened. Investigators determined that unattended cooking caused the fire. Salt truck special called for ice hazards.

Dispatched about 9:28 a.m. Fire units on scene included: E17, E16, E14, L3, R3, B4 (first alarm), E9, C10, C20, A1, (working fire), E6, E8, E18, L6, R1, B3 (second alarm), B1, C21, C71, (also on scene), E5, E19 (special called/relief), E13, E21 (stand by/firewatch). EMS on scene included: EMS 121, EMS 124, EMS 123, EMS 3, D4, D1, M95, Truck 1. "C" shift.
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