4/2/11 - Blue Ridge Road
RALEIGH - Two alarms at 3830 Blue Ridge Road. One-story, brick laundry building behind nursing home. Engine 14 arriving and declared a working fire. Battalion 4 upgrading to major working fire a minute or two later. Fire in attic space and soon through the roof. Exposures protected, with no spread to nearby buildings. Ladder 3 positioned on opposite side of complex, though aerial stream not needed. Patients and staff evacuated from one section of facility. Two hydrants caught. Blue Ridge Road closed due to supply line. Dispatched 3:34 p.m. Controlled 4:07 p.m. No injuries. First alarm: E14, E16, E9,L3, B3, R3. Working fire: E6, A1, C10, C20, C40. Second alarm: E17, E18, E11, L1, R1, B4. Other fire: C2, C5, plus relief companies? Medical: EMS 1, EMS 11, EMS 2, EMS 3, EMS 4, EMS 121, EMS 124, D4, D3, T1, Evac 1. "C"
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