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pork brains

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yep. you read that right "Pork brains with milk gravy". It's, to my knowledge, the grossest of all canned meats.

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  1. groc ages ago

    where did...?
    who would...?
    why would...?
    who could.... hold it down?

  2. leff ages ago

    Don't ask me. I normally avoid the canned meat section altogether. I only found this because I was looking for photo ops. I don't think I want to know the answers to any of your questions.

  3. groc ages ago

    gotta love that 'serving suggestion' picture too.

  4. leff ages ago

    1. Transfer from can to plate.
    2. Add sprig of parsley.

    What could be easier?

  5. groc ages ago

    followed by copious vomiting. excellent.

  6. leff ages ago

    That's what makes it a diet food!

  7. Pip ages ago

    Given what's in the cans, I dread to think what's in the jar next to them "in vinegar"!

  8. leff ages ago

    Uhm. that would be the pigs feet:
    pigs feet
    Apparently a delicacy of some kind. I think it's big with the insane people personally.

  9. Pip ages ago

    Oh. My. God. I had so not seen that.

    What kind of shop sells this stuff?? If it's a shop for the insane, what were you doing there? Oh no, actually, wait... ;)

  10. leff ages ago

    Yeah, there's this thing in the south eastern US (or just "the south") where people like to eat parts that everyone else would just throw away. I don't know if I should even mention chittlins.

    So, conclusion, this is a normal everyday grocery store. This is in the same isle as tuna (which we get for the cats). Also, I never buy this stuff. The same store has a selection of veggie burgers and stuff, which is more thing.

  11. Pip ages ago

    Aha, we have chitterlings too!

    Just no pig brains.

  12. leff ages ago

    Really? Do you call them chittlin's? Because I didn't know it had an 'er' in it until I looked it up just then.

  13. Pip ages ago

    Nope, full-on chitterlings here in the U of K. Must be those pesky dialects getting in the way.

  14. leff ages ago

    Most southern dialects (there are variations, despite what the tv would have you believe) do have a tendency to lose syllables.

  15. KitschKat ages ago

    I am lauging my ass off! That is really VILE, but somehow better 'cause it has GRAVY on it. EEEW!

  16. leff ages ago

    Not just gravy, milk gravy. I mean, when you think about it's obvious because... uh. oh. No. It doesn't make any sense at all.

  17. midgetpoker 110 months ago

    Cholesterol! If you look at the can in the background, under nutritional facts, the cholesterol content is listed as 10x the maximum recommended daily intake.

    My arteries feel sore even thinking of that.

  18. leff 110 months ago

    trust me, more than my arteries feel sore just looking at this product.

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